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TV Aerial & Satellite Repairs

A disruption to your digital television viewing service can at times be frustating, especially when you have prepared yourself for your pre-planned night of home entertainment watching your favourite television programmes.

Anything from pixelating of the screen, blocky images, and in worst cases, no signal being received at all, are only some of the issues we experience and resolve on a day to day basis.

Aerial’s Northeast can perform a series of tests and repairs to diagnose a fault within your existing digital tv aerial or satellite system, upon which we will be able to repair the problem to ensure your system is fully operational!

Using up-to-date Meters we can test the signal being received at each television point connected to your tv aerial within your home, and be able to pin point exactly where the fault lies after performing a series of tests on the cabling, connections and the digital aerial itself.

Once this is completed we will then either be able to repair the aerial system immediately (if the aerial requires re-alignment due to poor weather or if a cable needs reconnecting, this will be included within the diagnosis), or advise of a suitable solution should anythng require replacing or upgrading.

Sometimes performing a system reset of your Freeview set top box can also cure any picture issues you may be experiencing.

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